Investors & Publishers

Looking for new talent?

One of our main goals has always been to promote young and up-and-coming independent developers. To give them a platform where they can present their amazing work. Back in 2016, we had single-digit numbers of attending indie developers and now we will have over 80 indie teams looking for cooperation with investors and publishers.

> In the Investors&Publishers bundle, we offer
  • One on One meetings - you can connect with every indie studio from Indie Showcase with unlimited Meet&Match application, also with everyone else from attendees
  • Reserved places on I&P Pitch - professionals will talk about games from the Indie Showcase and they will explain to you why this game will be a hit
  • Access to the Business Lounge with reserved tables for Investors&Publishers
  • VIP Party
  • Speed dating with Indie teams
  • Indie showcase category voting for the game with the highest potential
  • Special I&P Ticket - so you will be easily distinguishable
  • Indie Studios Decks - we will send you more information about the indie studios in the Indie Showcase, so you can walk it through and schedule your meetings and priorities even before the conference starts!
  • Full Game Access experience - as I&P, you will be able to visit all our parties (even the VIP). Access to the business caffé where you can think about the meetings you had
Investors & Publishers Ticket
TBA To be announced later this year
1 I&P Special Ticket
VIP Party
Full Game Access Experience
Ticket sales starts
later this year