Game Access ‘18 1 - 2. June | Brno, Czech Republic
Game Access Week BRNO, Czech Republic

Indie Showcase

Last year the Indie Showcase had a unique atmosphere provided by the industrial feel of underground garages. Dozens of teams were presenting their games and making new contacts among their potential partners and friends among their colleagues at the Showcase. This year, we’re moving to a modern Expo hall, come and enjoy a whole new spectacle!

> Why should I attend?
You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to present your project, get a valuable feedback from professionals and find new contacts, partners, investors or publishers.
> Am I ready for it?
If you will have a playable version of your game ready before the end of May and you are confident with presenting it, the Showcase is for you. Your game can be developed for any platform.
> What do I need to do for it?
Simply fill the form displayed on the right side of this page. It is that simple.
> What do I get?
You will get one Premium ticket for free and a free space for your presentation at the Showcase. No strings attached. Additionally, you will have a promo picture and details about your game on our website. If you choose one of the two Indie packages, you will also get a 20% discount on a second ticket and a hotel room for a special Game Access price.

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> What do I need to bring?
In order to participate in the Showcase, you need to bring your equipment on which the game is run. It is also highly recommended to bring one or two roll-ups. If you wish to make your presence even more visible, do not hesitate to contact us.
In case you are traveling from far and you would have trouble with bringing your own equipment, we can offer you some of the equipment for rent. Sounds interesting? Then contact us!
> What are the Indie packages?
The Indie packages are an optional choice for you which is not mandatory in order to Showcase your game at Game Access. We know it’s so much easier if you have the complete package including the hotel and that is why we have prepared two packages. For both, we have negotiated better prices for the hotel rooms.

One contains one premium and one standard ticket and features 3 nights in a budget 3-star guesthouse which is conveniently placed only ten minutes away by tram from the venue.

The more expensive package includes 2 premium tickets and 3 nights in Holiday Inn, which is a luxurious 4-star hotel situated right next to the Brno Exhibition Centre.

You can send your applications up until April 30, 2018, 23:59 CEST

Game Access Awards

All the Showcase participants will be competing for prestige Awards in several categories. The judges are selected among the speakers, and People’s Choice, as the name suggests, is selected by all the attendees’ votes.

The winners will not only get recognition and a trophy to represent it, but also a valuable prize that goes with it!

Who is already in?

Oxymoron Games

Project Hospital

Become an aspiring architect, a successful manager and an ace doctor all at the same time. Design your very own hospital, tweak every detail or use one of the predefined models and just jump to the doctor’s duty. Contract different insurance companies to gain access to patients with interesting medical conditions, perform examinations, laboratory tests and use various equipment to solve the diagnostic puzzles. Treat your patients by various methods and gain reputation to access different departments and the most advanced equipment.
Carbon Studio

The Wizards

Become a powerful Wizard and take fate into your own hands! Immerse yourself in a beautiful fantasy world and destroy your enemies by casting spells with hand gestures!

The Wizards is an action-adventure VR game with an unique system of casting spells with hand gestures and acclaimed narration and voice acting by Jason Marnocha.

  • Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a rich fantasy world
  • Campaign featuring time travel, heroic battles and dragons
  • Intuitive system of casting spells with hand gestures
  • Six element-based spells to learn and upgrade
  • High replayability thanks to game-modifying Fate Cards
  • Arena mode with challenging battles on the arenas

Five Nations

About the game
Five Nations is a sci-fi strategy game that takes place in the far future and follows the events of a galactic battle between five distinct species. The gameplay utilises traditional real-time strategy elements with introducing modern features.

About the project
Five Nations is an open source HTML5 game that uses cutting-edge technologies such as ES2015+, Babel, Webpack etc. It's currently in alpha, but following it's very positive welcome from White Nights Prague '18 along with constant promising feedbacks through our social channels, we are scaling it up to further levels and the MVP is planned to be released in June. The project is built on top of Phaser Community Edition and employs P2 physics engine. We employ modern CI flow with agile and lean methodologies.
Boris Zápotocký

Car Puzzler

Car Puzzler is a line puzzle game variation where you need to drag all cars to their destinations in levels varying in gameplay rules and complexity. Engage in a beautiful cartoonish style and beat the best scores.

Key features
  • Challenging campaign with 60+ levels
  • Ingame level editor
  • Share/import levels with ease as QR codes
  • Collect achievements
  • Beat others in leaderboards
Inspired by the great games like The Witness this game tries to bring similar puzzle experience with some game mechanics twists of its own.
BadFly Interactive

TauCeti Unknown Origin

TauCeti Unknown Origin is an action coop sci-fi FPS game with RPG and survival elements offering an original gameplay experience set in an exotic and unexplored world on the TauCeti f planet which actually exists.

Find a way how to survive in the rough conditions, surrounded by many enemies, and produce as many unique weapons to defend your life as possible!

  • A cooperative game for up to 4 players
  • PvP Mode
  • Story-driven game
  • Lots of weapons with upgrades
  • Sandbox World with dynamic weather
  • RPG elements
  • Flying hovers

Steampunk Idle Spinner

Build your awesome steampunk contraption and explore various worlds: Workshop, Clockwork city, Floating islands or Assembly line! As the game starts you can only spin a cogwheel, but as you progress more than 40 machines become available: engines, portals, windmills, power crystals, balloon pumps, ship yards, rail bridges and so on. The game's community in facebook has 6000+ members now.