Game Access ‘22 is a huge conference including lots of speeches, presentations, discussions and opportunities to find new partners and interesting information on the 8,000 sq. meters area. It’s quite easy to get lost among all of this and miss something important. To prevent this from happening we answered here to the frequently asked questions about our conference, its events and participation.

We’re working hard to prepare the schedule which is helpful and fascinating for every person related to the game industry. For now, we can say that it will include a lot of speeches of famous gamedev professionals, 3 parties, Indie Showcase, Game Access Awards etc.

We will announce details later on the website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter.

The fourth edition of Game Access will open its doors in the pavilion of the Brno Exhibition Center (Brno, Czech Republic). It’s close to the city center and easy to be reached by all kinds of transport. The address is:

Výstaviště 405/1
603 00 Brno

GPS:49°11'24.3"N 16°34'44.2"E
  • If you come by car, you can take advantage of a reserved parking lot just next to the conference hall.
  • If you choose public transport, there is a station called Výstaviště - hlavní vstup. You can get there by tram number 1.
  • If you are coming from far, you can take advantage of direct flights into the Brno Airport from London Stansted, Munich, Berlin and Milan. If you do not have the option to take a direct flight, you will most likely want to fly to Prague and then take a train or a bus to Brno. Another good choice is to land in Vienna or Bratislava. You can get to the Conference the fastest from Bratislava. All the cities are connected with wide selection of buses and trains.

Matchmaking is a system through which you can contact and set up meetings with other attendees of the Conference. Seamlessly.

Coffee breaks are the great way to relax and mingle. For your pleasant, soft drinks, fruit and other snacks including sandwiches will be also available.

Even better than you can imagine! Last years we already had the parties in the castle, villa, marketplace and observatory, Star Wars and 30s parties. What is waiting for you this year? Come and see it with your own eyes! Can we say anything about the parties right now? Live music, local beer from small breweries, free drinks and snacks, special venues and different activities—all this and much more is waiting for you!


We propose several types of tickets meeting different attendees’ needs. Please think ahead what events you’d want to visit and choose your best pass!

STANDARD pass covers:

  • All the speeches
  • Access to Indie and Business Showcase
  • Fun & Relax Zone
  • All the coffee breaks
  • Full badge (with your name, company and job title)
  • Buffet lunch served in Coffee break zone
  • Matchmaking
  • Three unforgettable parties
  • Premium roundtables

PREMIUM pass covers:

  • All the speeches
  • Access to Indie and Business Showcase
  • Fun & Relax Zone
  • All the coffee breaks
  • Full badge (with your name, company and job title)
  • Restaurant lunch (selection from 3 meals) served in Biz Café
  • Matchmaking
  • Three unforgettable parties
  • Access to Biz Café
  • Priority registration to premium roundtables

STUDENT pass covers:

    Students will have the same benefits as standard ticket holders with a 25% discount. We want to support young game developers. There is also a way how to visit us without a paying - more information at schools section.

You can take your badge either at the Welcome party if you have bought the Standard or Premium ticket, or in the pavilion of the Brno Exhibition Centre when you arrive to the Conference. Actually, it’s possible at any time, because we don’t have limited registration hours. Badges cannot be mailed or picked up earlier.

Full badge contains personalised information about you, such as the full name, your company’s name and your position in that company. If you get the Student Pass, you will put on the badge only your school’s name and field of study.

Yes, they are. However, if you find yourself unable to come, you can always resell your ticket and change the info including email address. You can do all of this easily through your GameDev Area Network account at gamedevarea.com.

Of course, you can! Just contact us at info@game-access.com and we will upgrade your ticket.

Student pass can be bought only by full-time students. You have to verify your status by a valid ISIC card or confirmation from the school on the Game Access. Do not forget to bring your confirmation from the school or ISIC card to the Game Access Conference, we will be checking them and if you will not prove yourself as a student, your ticket will be invalid.


Volunteers are an important part of our conference. They always stand ready to help, make our participants’ lives much easier and inspire everybody around with their positive spirit. We really appreciate every one of them and do our best to create for them the best working conditions and atmosphere.

Volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested, please let us know about it through e-mail. Just tell us something about you and your skills, and we’ll figure out how to apply your talents! You will find more detailed information about the volunteer program here.

Our volunteers get a free Premium full-access badge allowing them enjoy all the aspects of the Conference, including all the speeches and all the parties.

We discuss all the tasks individually and agree upon beforehand. You can help us both organize the event prior to the opening and work on-site assisting attendees, Indie teams, speakers and other team members.